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TRIPLE TEASE by Tony Flood
Do the ends justify the means? That's the ethical dilemma Tony Flood's superb pacy, gripping and sexy crime thriller turns on. Super delicious heroine Katrina takes revenge for the assault on her sister. She then challenges compassionate copper DCI Livermore to ignore the rule book and offers to help him nail a serial killer by acting as the bait in a honey trap. Katrina goes on a date with the main suspect, and there's another murder as the plot twists and turns to reach a totally unexpected climax. This riveting read even reveals the thoughts of the mystery killer! It's brimful with colourful characters and sensual sex so hold on tight! - BRIAN CAPRON, actor (serial killer Richard Hillman in 'Coronation Street). Triple Tease has also received glowing endorsements from best selling authors Peter James and Tamara McKinley, while the SUN newspaper's Stuart Pink calls it: "a sexy addictive thriller - a real gem!" Triple Tease is available through Amazon as a paperback or e-version
or signed discounted copies can be obtained by visiting the website
POETIC VIEWS OF LIFE by Laurie Wilkinson
Laurie Wilkinson warmly presents his first book of poems reflecting varied experiences of his life, embracing working in psychiatry, also practised in prisons, to adventurous travel and personal loss. With down to earth turn of phrase he tackles topics of betrayal, terror atrocities, domestic violence and death. For more light hearted everyday observations a mischievous humour and stark expression power the observations home for readers. The author’s poems aim to entertain, possibly evoking emotions to cry, go aagghh, laugh, reflect and get angry. He believes any passion is better than joining the “shoulder shruggers” that life passes by. Laurie Wilkinson, Anderida's own Psychy Poet, has written four other books to meet demand! These four are MORE POETIC VIEWS OF LIFE, REVIEWS OF LIFE IN VERSE, LIFE SCENE IN VERSE and LIFE PRESENTED IN VERSE. They can be found BELOW and more details are available on Laurie's website.
We're Not Dead Yet Writers, a group of nine authors all aged over 60 but proving to be exciting new writing talents, have come up with 16 superb short stories in Twists in the Tales.

The writers, Francis Wait, Tony Flood, Heather Flood, Christine Dudley, Elizabeth Gibbs, Ernie Richardson, Brian Jones, Val Tinney and Barbara Fisher, provide a mixture of humour, thrills and sexual intrigue to keep readers guessing. Subjects range from crime, trickery, entrapment, greed and desire to fear, murder, fantasy, death and the after life.

Twists in the Tales, published by My Voice Publishing, priced £6.99, or £4.02 (e-version) is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an e-book.
Heather Flood's children's book, Mousey Mousey and the Witches' Spells, proved so popular that it was republished as a new edition, containing a special extra chapter plus tasters of other books by her and Tony Flood. It immediately soared to No.1 in it's category in the Amazon 100 top best sellers. Mousey Mousey and the Witches' Spells, for children aged 4-10, is about a delightlful little mouse whose world is turned upside-down by a naughty witch. In addition to being available through Amazon as a paperback or, e-version signed copies can be obtained at reduced prices through the website  
Another children's fantasy book in Heather Flood's delightful series, Mousey Mousey and the Witches' Revenge also featured in the Best Sellers list. It features one of the world's most mischievous witches the naughty Agatha and her new comical friends Stinkblob and Mouldy Knickers. Mousey Mousey and the Witches' Revenge is on sale through Amazon as a paperback or, e-version or through the website which provides signed copies.
This delightful little book by Mike Fleming, which will fit neatly into a handbag or pocket, is a collection of cleverly written short stories all based on the theme of death. Don't let this put you off though, for the tales are far from morbid, frequently funny, and well worth reading.

The Fish On My Ear and Other Stories is available in Tomes Bookshop, 226 Terminus Road, Eastbourne along with other books by Anderida writers, or through Mike's website,
Tony Flood's celebrity book, My Life with the Stars - Best, Ali and the Panties, features revelations and amusing anecdotes about big name celebrities from the worlds of show business and sport who he has interviewed. Tony, the former Controller of Information at Sky Television and a Fleet Street journalist, includes new stories about George Best, Joan Collins, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney and Muhammad Ali, plus a host of other big name stars.
My Life with the Stars, which has been recommended by actresses June Whitfield, Shirley-Anne Field and Susie Amy, soared to No.1 in its category in the Amazon 100 Best Sellers List. It is available through Amazon as a paperback or e-version   or signed discounted copies can be obtained from the the website:

Tony is giving talks to local organisations about the book, and also talks about The Secret of Getting Published.

Heather Flood's collection of short stories for youngsters, Giant Sticker Monster and Other Children's Stories, contains a host of delightful tales which include a snowman who comes to life, a mischievous donkey and a lonely king plus a Giant Sticker Monster who puts stickers on everything.

It is available through Amazon as a paperback, or e-version,
or signed copies at discounted prices can be obtained from the website,

The Secret Potion by Tony Flood is a delightful fantasy adventure book, full of wizards, witches, goblins, pixies and spiders, and quite possibly the world's worst monster.

A new version of the book, complete with new cover, is now available as a paperback at a bargain price from Fantasy Books, 24 Brisbane Quay, Eastbourne, BN23 5PD.

For more information about Tony and Heather Flood's children's books and how to order, please see their website, or click here to go to Amazon for the paperback and click here for the e-book.

Francis Wait's adventure book ‘The Survivalists – Getting There’ poses readers the question: what would you do if the world erupted?
This original story about a possible volcanic disaster and how one man attempts to survive is based on events that have occurred in the earth’s history, and geologists say are certain to shatter the world again.
These disasters happen approximately every 600,000 years – and one is over-due! So you will want to know how to cope if it devastates most of the planet and its inhabitants.
Francis says: “Your only chance of survival entails giving up your whole way of life NOW. Would you take it if it meant saving your family from this catastrophe?”
The hero in ‘The Survivalists’ is tipped off by a friend that the Yellowstone Caldera in America is showings signs of exploding with terrifying force which will plunge the whole world into a Nuclear winter. If this happens, the volcanic dust blocks out the sun and no crops can be grown for approximately 10 years, resulting in widespread starvation.
In Book One of this two-volume adventure he persuades his whole family to go to Australia to live, as far away from civilisation as possible in a secure indoor farm. The Survivalists Book 2 - The Finale, tells what happens after the eruption occurs and the survivors have to contend with both the devastating fallout and an unexpected attack by other people intent on their own survival.
Francis, who is the Anderida Writers Membership Secretary, has previously had two of his intriguing short stories published as one of nine authors calling themselves ‘The We’re Not Dead Yet Writers’ in the much praised ‘Twists in the Tales’ (available on Amazon or through
‘The Survivalists - Getting Threre’, published by My Voice Publishing, is available on Amazon priced £9.57 as a paperback or £4.96 as a kindle e-book. To obtain more details about both books go to and find a hotspot to take you direct to Amazon.
The Magical Pendant of Perdania is an E-book written by Francis Wait under the pseudonym Frances Jaycee, for fans of magical fantasy stories aged 10 and over.

Samantha, a 12 year old girl, discovers with the aid of a cat and the inspiration of the pendant, that she can practice magic. She travels to a mysterious new land and becomes involved in a struggle between good and evil. The result is a fantasy adventure for yongsters and teenagers to enjoy. The Magical Pendant of Perdania is available on Amazon. For more information go to Francis Wait's website.
The Voyages of Captain Ned follows the life of a sailing ship master. It is the life of sailor men on tramp trading ships travelling round the world, leaky old tubs and avaricious traders, remote ports and the emerging competition from steam. It is told, in true sailor fashion, as an Ode, which remarkably grows on the reader and makes the stories, while obviously fiction and farcical, come alive in a magical way. The author spent twenty years in the Merchant Navy, and this is obvious for the Ode transports the reader through trials and tribulations of a sailor's life. Follow Captain Ned through his problems with captains trying to be first back with the tea, captains conducting illicit trade, sailors shirking, no crew, harbour taverns and rotten food. The sailing comes alive and you can almost hear the creak of the timbers, the slap of the sail and the indignant squawk as the parrot loses another feather. If you have an interest in sailing ships, then you really deserve to read this book.
Following the success of his first book, former psychiatric nurse Laurie Wilkinson, aka The Psychy Poet, produced this larger second book only eight months later.
Retaining his same everyday style of down to earth writing, Laurie again embraces mixed themes. These include reflections on life, bereavement, disability, love, and death's approach. There's also humor on daily occurrences and serious subjects that should evoke many emotions in the readers.
REVIEWS OF LIFE IN VERSE by Laurie Wilkinson
In the relatively short time of 18 months, My Voice Publishing was proud to produce this third book of poetry from Laurie Wilkinson, aka The Psychy Poet.
The author strives to provide a nugget of wisdom with which everyone can identify from their life in his continued themes of lives and experiences.
With wicked humour and nodding reflections on death and the tragedies of our lives, the poems are an encapsulation of seduction, human failings, mischievous teddy bears, naughty elephants and terrorism.
Laurie again reaches out with his poetry, described as"terrific parables" by his readers, written in his everyday manner.
With glowing feedback from his previous two books, The Psychy Poet knows he is again evoking emotions in the reader.
LIFE SCENE IN VERSE by Laurie Wilkinson
Requested and welcomed by an increasingly appreciative audience, Laurie Wilkinson, aka The Psychy Poet, produces his fourth and larger book with 85 new poems in only three years, again proudly offered by My Voice Publishing.
Continuing the successful format of his previous books, Laurie scans the world with a curious eye. He observes happy and tragic events, making poetic recordings of life and behaviours of people in everyday settings and stages.
Again embracing expansive subjects that brought accolades for previous books, Laurie tackles romance with an increasing erotic verve, frustrations of life, grief, terrorism and mental illness and features those roguish bears, Ted and Beth.
Stunningly producing a much requested fifth book in just over three years, Laurie Wilkinson aka The Psychy Poet, or "Prolific Psychy Poet" as he has now been called, has again delivered brilliantly. After setting an increasingly high standard with his previous and multi five star rated books, Laurie has again gone up another professional and expansive gear!
Proudly offered by My Voice Publishing again, Laurie's latest book wonderfully follows his successful formula of mixed themes taken from his observations and views of life. These span across romance, humour and tragedy that involves everyone and go from terrorism, regrets, health checks and our adventures in love, to sex lessons and even dress sense, or perhaps lack of it.

Maybe now the author has an even deeper verve that has brought more recent accolades of his work being "psychological and also finding those inner depths of each one of us". This attribute cannot fail to evoke appreciative recognition within ourselves.
Thus Laurie's poems will amuse and arouse, whilst also provoking some sad realisations of life in a reflective mode.
Of course those increasingly popular but naughty bears Ted and Beth feature again, now glorifying in their newly formed Fan Club!
The author presents his latest book with an increasing certainty that it should again appeal to everybody in some way and may even open more personal windows for readers' individual recognition, as his fantastic journey continues.
Elizabeth Wright's story, available as an e-book available through Amazon, tells of her struggle from bankruptcy and a broken marriage, trying to earn enough to pay the mortgage, pay-off her debts and bring-up her young daughter, to making it as a successfully published writer. In From Fancy Pants To Getting There she describes the jobs she did, her home life, and the funny incidents along the way, all told with irrepressible humour and warmth.

Visit to see more about Elizabeth Wright's books, published articles, poetry and photos.

Santiago at Seventy by Maggie de Vos At the age of 70, Maggie sent out with the equivalent of an SAS backpack to complete the camino - the Pilgrim's Walk-across nothern Spain, terminating at the magnificent Catholic Cathedral in that country's Galician capital, Santiago de Compostela.

This is her story of that Pilgrimage, packed with colourful characters, savoury and unsavoury encounters and many, many experiences along the way.

A must read for anyone who has ever harboured an unfulfilled desire to achieve something satisfying in later life.
Liz Wright’s latest book ‘Belle Tout – The Little Lighthouse that moved’ features one of the most beautiful landscapes in Britain, where the green rolling acres meet the precipitous chalk cliffs of Beachy Head. But, there are submerged reefs running out from the base of these cliffs, and without the aid of warning lights, many sailing ships, struggling to round this coastline in stormy weather, foundered on these jagged rocks and lives were lost. This area became known as ‘The Devil’s Headland.’
It was on October 11th, 1834 that Belle Tout’s light came into operation. Elizabeth Wright has filled this book with an incredible amount of detailed information that she has collected during the last 20 years - plus many pictures and drawings that have never been seen before - as she reveals fascinating sections from related important legal documents held in private collections.
Liz also reveals how you move an 850 tonne lighthouse away from the edge of crumbling cliffs to save it from a watery grave - you hitch it up on runners and slide it back 17m onto safer ground.
She has interviewed many people associated with Belle Tout, from previous owners and visitors to gardeners, builders, architects and designers and also obtained intriguing information from fellow Anderida member Dave Wells. He designed and built the garden in the lighthouse grounds for the film set of the award winning BBC TV series ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil,’ which included helicopters and falling trees and had a cast and crew of 70 who had to cope with a single toilet! The odd ghost has flitted through, there’s the mystery of the lost stopcock, and how one owner decorated the lantern room with thousands of sea shells.
Belle Tout’s current owner David Shaw, who bought this little lighthouse ‘with my heart,’ spent a great deal of money, struggled through mounds of red tape and bureaucracy, especially over the building of a new, safe access road, to eventually achieve his dream of opening up a top quality B&B in May 2010.
See more details on
Jill Rutherford's book, Secret Samurai, Book One, Tangled Lives, is a time-slip novel about modern-day and old Japan. It's the first in a planned series of Secret Samurai books and draws upon Jill's love of Japan and the seven years she lived there.
It's the story of parallel lives set in one of the world's most ancient and mysterious cultures. In the mid 1800s feudal Japan was fighting for its survival as American ships entered Tokyo Bay and forced them to start to open their country for trade or face the consequences. This caused a 14 year vicious civil war between traditionalists and modernist samurai. It's on this stage that our samurai, Kai Matsuda is living, fighting and learning to love.
In 2012, a young Englishwoman, Isabella Bell, known as Bebe, is looking for adventure and moves to Japan to open her own English Conversation School. Soon, strange forces draw her back in time and into the civil war as her mind gets caught in a time warp and transports her in and out of Kai's psyche.
As Bebe strives to control her own life and her love for a Japanese man, lives mix and get tangled up in the mystery of time, past and present.
It's available as an e-book on e books at £2.41 and can be downloaded to your computer, kindle, IPad or phone. For more information please visit Jill's webpage:
Cherry Blossoms, Sushi and Takarazuka - Seven Years In Japan by Jill Rutherford

Jill has written a very interesting memoir about her seven years living and working in Japan, which is now published by Little Wren Press. Click the link below to view her website about the book.
The following review was made by one of her readers:

"Jill Rutherford has achieved a difficult feat, to write a memoir that informs, entertains, and sustains the interest of the reader from the opening paragraph, to the flicker of the last page. Her insight, wit and dry humour is sprinkled liberally throughout, as she weaves a sumptuously rich panorama that opens up the mystery and fascination of Japan. Her narrative is all at once elequent, empathic, funny, historical and sad. A wonderful memoir and testament to the power of hard work and self-belief."

To buy a copy of Jill's book, visit her website,

Teenage Relationships - The Breakthrough Guide to Untangling Your Heart Strings, by Brigitte Sumner, is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an e-version.

Brigitte has spent two years researching this book with the assistance of her two sons and their many friends. She has interviewed, coached and mentored hundreds of teenagers during the course of this research. The resulting book is a complete guide to help teenagers with relationships with other teenagers, parents, schools, friends and even food and their body.

There is also a chapter for parents.
Harry Pope's humorous story, How Not to Run a Hotel, is for sale on Amazon, along with its sequal, How not to Run the Same Hotel, and a children's book, The Brick Monster, all available from Amazon as Kindle books., or through his website:
One From The Road was published by Roperpenberthy Publishing Ltd during the summer of 2012, this book is a sensitive and humorous account of how Peter Sampson, a previous Anderida Writers chairman, became reunited with his itinerant father, who had lived as a tramp since returning, traumatised and shell-shocked, from the 2nd World War. Peter's first problem was to find him. When he did, he took him home, cleaned him up and cared for him within his own family. This proved to be embarrassing at times as his father tended to do unpredictable and surprising things while they were out visiting friends. It's a story of family love which overcame numerous obstacles, aided by Peter's strong religious faith.

Josephine McCauley has joined our list of published authors with Romano British History, which tells the full story of how the Romans repeatedly invaded Britain, killed thousands of innocent people and seized large chunks of our land.
It has been published by Country Books under Jo’s maiden name Josephine Manning and is available on Amazon priced £3.99.
Signed copies are also available through Jo by phoning her on 01323 351091.
Josephine and another recently published member, Francis Wait with his book The Survivalists (also available on Amazon), take the number of Anderida Writers’ published authors to an impressive total of 15.

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