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Links to Members' websites
Click on the underlined section and you will be taken straight into the relevant website.
This is a beautiful site, well worth a look just for itself, but it also enables you to purchase a copy of his book The Fish on my Ear", a lovely little book well worth reading, and tells a bit more about Michael himself.
This site tells us all about the books Elizabeth Wright has written, with links to Amazon in case you would like to buy one. It includes examples of her articles published in a variety of magazines, her poems, and her photos are well worth a look too.
Tony and Heather Flood's website for their delightful children's books.
Tony Flood's website giving details about his celebrity book, My Life with the Stars - Best, Ali and the Panties, containing revelations and amusing anecdotes about showbusiness and sports stars, plus his spicy crime thriller Triple Tease, recommended by best selling authors Peter James and Tamara McKinley, actor Brian Capron and the SUN newspaper's Stuart Pink.
Francis Wait's website that features his written works, published and upcoming, paperbacks and E-books, along with some background information about Francis.
Harry is a busy man with his writing, and his site reflects this. He has written several books which can be bought through the site as hard copies or down-loaded to your Kindle.

Links to YouTube videos
Below are some links to informative, interesting, and in some cases hilarious, Youtube videos featuring members or Anderida.

Right: Tony Flood provides a warning for parents before being crushed by a boulder and blown up!  
    Click to watch at YouTube
  Left: Heather Flood changes into a witch to publicise her books in an amusing way.
Click to watch at YouTube    

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